About This Writer

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
~ Rudyard Kipling

I am a freelance writer, a lover of life, an avid reader, and a word enthusiast!  Words, those elements of speech (whether written or verbal) give energy and meaning to language. I write within a variety of genres, but whether I am blogging, screenplay writing, copywriting, or writing news journalism, I scribe with PASSION!

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  1. This girl Carla seems to be everywhere at once. She must be some kind of writer…

  2. I heard about your blog through a fellow writer at the PNWA summer writer’s conference. I’ve attended the PNWA conference for 5 years, and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. But I think I’m ready to mix it up a bit. What conferences have you been to, and which ones do you recommend or suggest I avoid?

    I’m at a stage now where my agent does all the submissions for me, for the most part. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to attend a conference where I can pitch my manuscript to editors. Most of all, I just love to learn the craft. What conferences have you been to, and what did you think of them?

    I hope you respond!

    • I haven’t been to many conferences lately, and most of them all have to do with screenwriting. Are you writing a book?

    • I haven’t been to a conference in awhile, but most all were related to screenwriting. I see you write fiction. All the best!


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